Alexander Müdespacher

Alexander Müdespacher

I am a 35 year old digital enthusiast from Zurich (Switzerland), working in digital product management. In my spare time, I enjoy spending my time in the Swiss mountains or my alotment garden, and discover the world.

Pet projects


46° northMy personal blog where I share my experiences in the swiss mountains.


Pamir Highway July 2015Small travel blog about my bicycle trip through the Pamir mountains in Central Asia.


Shiguli.chTravel blog about our unforgettable trip from Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia to Switzerland by car in 2012.


Nearby Web AppA small web app to find the nearest bus stops, train stations and connections in Switzerland.


LKApi - Landkarten-APISmall web project: A web service providing the corresponding map sheet for POIs in Switzerland.


Brennholz-Bachtel.chWebsite of my parents' firewood business.

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